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Support Interventions

Intensive Reading

Our Intensive reading programme began in Zetland School in September 1999 with a teacher being trained in Reading Recovery. Since then 101 children have taken part and benefited from the daily thirty minute individual Reading Recovery programme.

The programme provides intensive daily help for children who we feel would benefit most from the intervention.  It helps children to develop effective reading and writing strategies and produces independent readers whose reading and writing improves whenever they read and write.

The thirty minute lesson includes rereading familiar books, rereading yesterday’s new book with a running record taken, letter identification and word making and breaking, writing a story and hearing sounds in words, assembling a cut up story, being introduced to a new book and reading a new book.

Reading Recovery has made a huge impact on each child’s literacy levels and greatly increased their self esteem, self belief and self confidence. It has unlocked learning and fostered a keenness and desire to learn. It has provided an opportunity for Zetland children to achieve their maximum potential and has had the support and appreciation of their parents.


Better Reading Partnership

Better Reading Partnership is an intervention to support struggling readers. Mrs Harrison works with a team of teaching assistants and volunteers to deliver the programme. Each child will be paired with an adult and read three times a week. A selection of books will be sent home so that the children can become very familiar with some texts.



At Zetland, we have two ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants). Miss Daniell and Mrs Teasdale work with individual children to discuss any worries or concerns that may be upsetting them. They will plan and deliver a range of activities to promote emotional literacy and develop confidence and self esteem.


Wave 3

Mrs Thompson delivers the Wave 3 programme. These 1:1 sessions develop early literacy skills, specifically reading, writing and spelling. Mrs Thompson will send home specific reading books for the children to read at home so that these can then be used within the sessions.



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