Key Stage 1

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Welcome to Key Stage 1. We aim to provide a creative, engaging and nurturing learning environment where every child’s needs are met. Your child will be taught within the teaching team of 6 staff. Your child’s teachers will be Miss Clarkson or Miss Lord and Mrs Hornsey supported by our Higher Learning Teaching Assistant Mrs Young and our teaching assistants Mrs Metha, specialising in reading development, Mrs Weston and Miss Williams. We also have a fabulous Reading Recovery Teacher, Mrs Boyes. Your child will enjoy learning about The Secret Garden, Weather and Seasons, Homes, Ourselves, All at Sea and the Animal Kingdom. We teach in a holistic way so that your child will learn to apply new skills, knowledge and understanding across the whole curriculum. We support our learning with lots of visits and hands on learning experiences to develop in your child a love of learning.

Key Stage 1 Organisation

Our Key Stage One classes are organised into 2 mixed Y1/2 classes. We believe that children benefit from teaching, coaching and motivating their peers and our mixed year groups allow this to happen in the most successful way. Although children are taught in separate year groups for Maths and English, our collaborative cross curricular approach within the foundation subjects extends learning, confidence and enthusiasm across both year groups. Our creative curriculum is organised into six topic areas that are taught within a 2 year rolling program. We have carefully arranged the Matters, Skills and Processes from the Primary Curriculum to ensure that we cover all of the objectives within exciting, motivating and fun themes. We track children's progress rigorously and systematically and quickly identify where children need extra support. We passionately believe that 'closing the gap' early is the key to making sure that children achieve their true potential during their primary school learning journey.


To read about our topics and curriculum please click here to download the KS1 Information sheet.
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