Governors’ Vision

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A welcome on behalf of the School Governing Body. As a very long established school, on its present site since 1859, we are proud of our history. We hope that you and your child will soon feel part of the school and its future. Education is a door to many opportunities. Zetland School is constantly growing and changing to offer children more opportunities. We need your support and we need to work with you to make sure that your child makes the most of all the opportunities that are available. We look forward to a working relationship with you that brings out the full potential of your child in their academic work and, most importantly, in their personality. Yours sincerely, Peter Robinson Acting Chair of Governors September 16

Governor Aims

Zetland School will strive to enable all of our pupils to achieve their full potential. We will provide the support that individual pupils need to do this and will seek to overcome barriers to learning. Our pupils will develop strong skills in English and mathematics. They will experience a range of stimulating learning experiences that develop their knowledge, their confidence, social skills and self esteem. We will seek to instil an enjoyment of learning in our pupils that encourages them to become independent learners. Our pupils will leave Zetland School well prepared for their next stage of education and their future life. Zetland School will make a valuable contribution to our community and be a school that our pupils, staff and parents are proud of. We will achieve this by:
  • Being ambitious, setting high standards and expectations.
  • Providing high quality teaching.
  • Providing an inspiring curriculum.
  • Providing a safe and stimulating learning environment.
  • Managing our resources effectively to meet our priorities.
As Governors we will:
  • Scrutinise the information that tells us how well the school is performing.
  • Develop an in depth understanding of the work of the school and evaluate the impact of initiatives.
  • Provide the support and challenge necessary to achieve this vision.
  • Ensure financial probity and effective use of resources.
  • Use performance management systems to support school improvement.
  • Take account of the views of those with an interest in the school, particularly parents.
  • Keep up to date and trained to fulfil our role.
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